Burrows Minibus Donation

We are extremely proud to announce our support of the Pops Outdoor Adventure Centre in South Yorkshire.

The charity’s aim is to create a unique environment for children and the local community to connect with the outdoors with a wide variety of activities suitable for all abilities and needs. Unfortunately their minibus, which was vital for getting children to and from their after-school clubs, was recently stolen.

That’s when our Managing Director, Steve Burrows, kindly stepped in and provided the charity with a nearly new 17-seather minibus for them to use for at least the next three years.

Our Managing Director, Steve Burrows, said:

“It was the right thing to do for the kids. I employ 352 people across South Yorkshire, they are all local people who buy off us. This bus is like new and it’s exactly right for the cause and for the safety of the kids. They can carry on doing what they are doing now to help young children.”

Adrian Harvey, of Pops Charity, had these words to say:

“Steve said he was a local fella and he was appalled about what happened. He said he would like to help and support us and being a self-made man, he had always been one for helping to support the community. I can’t thank Steve enough - it would have been easy for him to lease that minibus to someone else. It’s such an amazing and generous thing they have done and will make a tremendous difference to us.”

It’s an honour for Burrows to support such a worth while and important local charity and it’s great to see all the children smiling again!


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